A Computer Engineer Is Making “African Students” Ready To Lead The “STEM” Race of the Future

In a rapidly evolving world where skills are constantly changing, it is crucial for students and youth to be equipped with the necessary tools to thrive in the 21st century.

Recognising the transformative power of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Muhammad Yunus Musa, a computer engineer by profession, has taken a strong initiative to tap into Africa’s potential and train the next generation of STEM leaders.

Musa started STEM Club Project Africa – a non-governmental organisation committed to promoting STEM Education in schools across African countries, engaging the students in scientific enquiries and explorations through hands-on learning in formal settings.

He is the CEO and Founder of the organisation.

Musa, while talking to UPDEED, said that sub-Saharan Africa is anticipated to have a larger working-age population than the combined population of the rest of the world by the year 2035.

The current education system faces numerous issues, he added.

Addressing the gap

Education in Africa faces challenges similar to those encountered worldwide, including equity, inclusion, and quality issues.

According to Musa, over 100 million African students have never been able to set foot inside a school. It is evident that the education system has significant gaps, failing to provide students with the skills they need.

In light of this, STEM Club Project Africa aims to address these gaps and integrate STEM into the education curriculum to prepare students for practical applications in the 21st century.

The lack of education has far-reaching consequences for the lives of African students. Without access to quality education and the acquisition of essential skills, the negative impact will extend beyond Africa, affecting the world.

As per Musa, Africa’s ambitious blueprint, AGENDA 2063, which envisions transforming the continent into a global powerhouse, can only become a reality if today’s generation receives the education and develops the necessary skills to contribute effectively to the future.

Recognising the urgent need for change in the education system, the organisation has taken a proactive approach to unleash the potential of African students.

“We focus on key initiatives to enhance digital literacy, inclusion skills, robotics, and programming,” said Musa.

He added that one of the project’s primary objectives is to engage students in scientific inquiries and explorations through hands-on learning experiences.

Students become aware of the practical applications and future career opportunities by demonstrating how STEM fields impact everyday life.

Additionally, the project fosters curiosity, ingenuity, and creativity by providing various hands-on learning experiences related to the four disciplines of STEM.

The aim is to develop essential skills in students vital for success in the modern world.

Musa said these skills include initiative, critical thinking, adaptation, collaboration, problem-solving, resiliency, leadership, and communication. By nurturing these skills, students can face future challenges confidently and competently.

Challenges on path

Implementing hands-on training for students comes with its challenges. Musa said one of the primary hurdles is the lack of awareness surrounding the benefits of STEM education.

He added that poverty and cultural and social barriers often deter individuals from pursuing education.

Additionally, funding poses a significant challenge to sustaining and expanding STEM initiatives. Furthermore, there are instances where government policies fail to translate into effective implementation on the ground.

STEM Club Project Africa remains committed to empowering African students through STEM education despite these obstacles. The project strives to overcome these challenges through partnerships, collaborations, and innovative approaches and provide students with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Transforming Africa’s education

STEM Club Project Africa, spearheaded by Muhammad Yunus Musa, is a groundbreaking initiative to transform Africa’s education landscape. By integrating STEM into the curriculum, nurturing essential skills, and providing hands-on learning experiences, the project empowers students to become the STEM leaders of tomorrow.

With a strong emphasis on inclusivity and equity, STEM Club Project Africa is poised to bridge the education gap and unlock the true potential of African students. Despite the challenges faced, the project’s unwavering dedication to education and innovation holds the promise of a brighter future for Africa and the world.

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