How Pandemic Taught us to be Thankful in Chaotic Times

The Covid-19 pandemic turned out to have a considerable impact, not only on the health, economic, and social sectors in all countries but also for the individual level as well.

Since the pandemic, we are familiar with the term “the new normal” which normalizes new habits around us. Such as wearing masks, maintaining distance, using hand sanitizers, food delivery, communicating via video conference, online learning, remote working, etc.

For most people, adapting to “the new normal” is not easy. Especially in the face of new patterns of interaction after Covid-19. It seems that we can not freely and easily meet other people without strict health protocols.

However, despite all that, this pandemic teaches us to be grateful in all conditions. Amid the news of the high positive rate and death rate of Covid-19 in certain regions. We are still surviving and able to live and enjoy things comfortably.

In this blog article, we want everyone to realize how this pandemic provides an opportunity for us to rethink and reflect. Take a moment to look inside ourselves and be grateful for everything that we experience.

How Global Citizens Join Hands to Overcome Global Pandemic

Everyone must have experienced at least one crisis in their life. In the context of a pandemic, the crisis does not look at status, occupation, and position. The Covid-19 virus has made everyone suffer directly or indirectly, it has caused a setback for our world’s economy and social life.

The pandemic has affected globally with 258 million+ total cases and 5.15 million+ total death toll. It means that the covid-19 pandemic is a global problem that needs a global solution. All global citizens should join hands to overcome it.

And it is proven by governments and global organizations who have worked to handle the situation. In the midst of a crisis, we see many global initiatives coming from top institutions to grassroots communities. Starting from providing health assistance between countries, supplying vaccine needs, distributing food packages, establishing shelters, and providing social assistance for those in need.

In times of a severe pandemic, we see people helping each other for the sake of humanity, regardless of their status, countries, races, religions, and others. The pandemic crisis is unavoidable, but the kindness of people also continues to overflow.

Taking Care of Your Health is The Way to Express Gratitude

Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) released a guideline of health protocol of Covid-19. Besides wearing masks, maintaining distance, frequently washing hands, and getting vaccines.

CDC also mentions the importance of maintaining health by cleaning the environment, regularly checking body temperature, and maintaining body resistance.

In the past, health might not have been a priority. But the pandemic puts our personal health on a higher priority. Taking supplements and vitamins, exercising regularly, disinfecting the house, are routine activities to maintain our health, not only from Covid-19 but also from various diseases.

Maintaining health is one way we are grateful for the life that God has given us. Therefore, take care of your health and those around you.

Keeping Your Friends and Relatives Close to You

The pandemic has also made us aware of the importance of our families’, friends’, and relatives’ existence. Keeping in touch and communicating through video conferencing can be an option to stay connected with them every day.

In addition to ensuring each other’s condition, communicating with relatives on a regular basis will also eliminate boredom and loneliness during the pandemic. The Mental Health Foundation shared that during the pandemic people might feel lonely and social-isolated during the lockdown. Talking to friends, families, neighbors can be a good reliever for your stress. They also recommend joining mutual online groups of something you can enjoy. It definitely will keep your sanity and mental health during the pandemic.

Having supportive friends and family is such a blessing. The pandemic teaches us to be more grateful for their existence and to take care of each other in this difficult time.

Say Thanks to Technology!

Lockdown policies, stay at home, keep distance, work, and study from home, hamper our social activity. We have to postpone fun activities such as going to the mall, eating at cafes, karaoke, and others, that we usually do with our friends. However, we need to shift most of our activities to online.

Pew Research released data stating that 90% of US adults believed the internet has been essential for them personally during the pandemic. While 81% said they have ever talked to others via video call during the first outbreak in February 2020.

Going online is also “the new normal” for everyone nowadays. Indeed, we need to be grateful for the existence of technology during this pandemic. Technology plays an important role for us to communicate, get information related to Covid-19. Even to work, study, play games, watch movies, do business, buy something, sell something, etc.

Technology also opens everyone to grow themselves. Such as to shift their offline business to online, to create an online journal, to learn more skills through joining online courses, and many more!

Becoming More Adaptive and Sympathetic

Two years of the pandemic certainly gave us many valuable lessons. In addition to the importance of health and building communication, pandemics also teach us how to adapt and survive in uncertain conditions.

Adaptability is a skill that is very necessary and shaped automatically during this pandemic. If we are able to adapt at this time, in the future we will be better able to prepare ourselves when facing a crisis. This adaptability also builds us into more resilient persons.

In addition, the pandemic also teaches us to be more sympathetic to the people around us. Many people experience loss during the pandemic – it can be losing their loved ones, losing a job, losing hope, to losing life balance. As human beings, we must be grateful if we are still in stable conditions. However, we also have a responsibility to reach out to those who need help.

We can take examples from organizations’, communities’, and individuals’ stories at UPDEED platform. There are many people who take action to help others during the pandemic. Both helping in the form of distributing food packages, providing shelter, encouraging people to always wear masks, and sending support for health workers as front liners.

Stories from UPDEED will make us even more grateful and motivated to face difficult times like this. If you find many touching and inspiring stories during the pandemic, please share them on the UPDEED platform so your stories can be comforting for others as well!

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