How two friends started Take 3 – A Mission to Eradicate Plastic Waste

Ever heard about Take 3, a renowned environmental organisation committed to addressing plastic pollution and promoting sustainable practices worldwide?

Founded by Amanda Marechal and Roberta Dixon-Valk in 2009 in Sydney, Australia, Take 3 has grown into a global movement that encourages individuals to take action by picking up at least three pieces of litter every time they visit a beach, park, or any outdoor space.

Through education, advocacy, and community engagement, Take 3 aims to create a cleaner and healthier planet for future generations.

The mission

The primary mission of Take 3 is to reduce plastic pollution and inspire a global movement of positive environmental change. By encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their surroundings, Take 3 believes that small, consistent actions can lead to significant collective impact.

The organisation believes in the power of education and aims to spread awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on marine life, ecosystems, and human health.

It follows a simple yet impactful approach to addressing plastic pollution. The organisation encourages people to adopt the “Take 3 for the Sea” mantra, which involves the following steps:

Take Action: When visiting any outdoor space, individuals are encouraged to pick up at least three pieces of litter, particularly focusing on plastic waste.

Share: Participants are then encouraged to share their actions on social media platforms using the hashtag #Take3fortheSea. By sharing their commitment, individuals inspire others to join the movement.

Inspire: Take 3 believes leading by example is key to inspiring lasting change. By incorporating

the Take 3 ethos into their daily lives, individuals can motivate friends, family, and communities to make a difference.

Since its inception, it has significantly tackled plastic pollution and raised environmental consciousness. Some of the organisation’s notable achievements include:

  • Global reach: Take 3’s message has resonated globally, with people from over 129 countries participating in the movement. This widespread engagement demonstrates the organisation’s ability to mobilise individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Education and awareness: Take 3 has developed extensive educational resources, including school programs, community initiatives, and online campaigns. By reaching out to schools, universities, and community groups, Take 3 has educated millions of individuals about the importance of reducing plastic waste.
  • Policy advocacy: Take 3 actively engages with policymakers and industry stakeholders to advocate for stronger regulations and policies to reduce single-use plastics. The organisation’s advocacy efforts have contributed to positive changes, such as implementing plastic bag bans in various regions.
  • Clean-up campaigns: Take 3 organises and supports regular beach and waterway clean-
  • up events, mobilising communities to remove tons of plastic waste from natural environments. These clean-ups contribute to immediate environmental improvements and foster a sense of collective responsibility.
  • Collaborations: Take 3 collaborates with governments, businesses, and other non-profit organisations to amplify their impact. By partnering with like-minded entities, Take 3 expands its reach and influence, creating synergistic efforts to combat plastic pollution.

Future initiatives

Take 3 continues to evolve and expand its initiatives to address plastic pollution comprehensively. The organisation has plans to:

Strengthen global network: Take 3 aims to establish a strong network of individuals and organisations worldwide to foster collaboration and collective action on a larger scale.

Promote sustainable alternatives: The organisation seeks to promote and support the development of sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, encouraging individuals and businesses to make environmentally friendly choices.

Extend educational outreach: Take 3 plans to expand its educational programs and resources, targeting a broader audience, including schools, universities, and community groups.

To conclude, Take 3 has emerged as a significant force in the fight against plastic pollution, inspiring individuals worldwide to take action and contribute to a cleaner planet. The organisation continues to create a positive impact through its focus on education, community engagement, and policy advocacy.

As more people join the Take 3 movement, the world moves closer to a future free from plastic pollution, where sustainable practices thrive and nature is preserved for future generations.

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