Search on UPDEED

You can search for people who have a profile on UPDEED using our powerful search feature.

There are three ways you can utilize the search function:

  • Searching By Name
  • Searching By Interest

Searching by Name:

  • If you know the UPDEED ID or the name of the user, you can type it in the search box.
  • The search box will display the results.

Searching By Interest:

  • Below the search box, you will be able to see the list of area of interests.
  • You can click on the list of area of interest and then connect with those users.
  • You can also message them and see their activity on their profile page.

Top Hashtags

  • When users post on UPDEED, they tend to use hashtags.
  • If a hashtag becomes popular, you will be able to see them in top hashtag category in search page.
  • You can see those posts which uses these hashtags.
  • You won’t be able to search users through this feature, it is exclusively for posts. However, you can land on the profile page of user who has posted by clicking on the profile picture or name of the user.

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