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“Social networks aren’t about websites. They’re about experiences.”

Mike DiLorenzo

In our daily lives, we all have been surrounded by enough negative conditions to drain us of all the energy and hope. During such times, even small positive changes and stories can bring light to someone’s life. Often organizations do things that can be inspiring and encouraging to others, and they don’t even realize it. These are the moments that need to be shared across the globe.

With over 3.96 billion users, networking platforms are one of the most suitable ways to share such positive stories. By doing so, you might bring a silver lining to numerous people.

UPDEED – A positive space on the internet.

What is Updeed? What does it do? Who uses it? And why?

You might have all these questions in your mind. So, to start with, Updeed is connecting change-makers around the world to amplify their impact on individuals and society.

This is a platform that showcases social objectives where you can share and appreciate positive stories. Updeed is suitable for all those who are looking forward to positively changing or becoming part of a positive change in the world.

As much as it is for individual change-makers, it fits well for organizations also.

Organizations can use Updeed to connect with thousands of such individuals and tell them how their initiatives and employees are changing the world, one step at a time.

Updeed’s buzz among the change-makers

Who is a ‘change-maker’?

Simply put, a changemaker is someone who takes creative action to solve a social problem. A change-maker puts in effort for a social cause and keeps trying until they make a difference.

Why are change-makers flocking to Updeed?

Updeed is an ecosystem of positive change. And change makers work towards bringing positivity. Thus, Updeed is a platform for them to connect with other enthusiastic change-makers with similar visions and learn how they are making the world a better place.

In addition to this, Updeed appreciates fellow change-makers and rewards them in unique ways.

Why you, as an Organization, should think of joining Updeed?

Zealous organizations are always inclined towards changing and improving. During this process, they often bring positive changes that impact society significantly. Such changes deserve to be shared with others and inspire them as well.

Updeed can help an organization in a plethora of ways. Take a look at a few of them:

Collaborate with Change Makers

Nowadays we do not give money for the social cause; we need passionate and dedicated volunteers.

Prajakta Pansare
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Methods of working for a social cause have changed, even for organizations. Donating money is simply not enough. Changes and improvements take place when people are willing to work towards them dedicatedly. With its vision, Updeed is joined by people who are passionate about bringing social changes and solving social issues.

As an organization, you can connect with such like-minded people and they can further join you for the cause you’re working for. Here, you can get volunteers who are already interested in your vision.

Consistency Towards A Particular Cause

If you want to start a campaign for a social cause and bring improvement, consistency is needed. Most social issues take time and collective effort to be resolved. Updeed provides that platform to an organization to make a significant change and keep adding more people to your cause.

A Platform With Positive Intention

Sure, you can share your organization’s positive stories on any social networking site. However, what makes Updeed suitable for an organization is the theme and intention it carries. Updeed specifically carries this intention to share, appreciate and grow positive changes. Updeed is a platform that amplifies your social impact.

You can share anything if it carries a positive vibe. For example, you can share inspirational stories of employees and your organizational initiatives. If your organization is home to Covid-19 survivors as your employees, you can share their experiences and your contribution on Updeed.

Showcasing CSR Success

As an organization, you have to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). While doing that you can introduce a bigger change to a social issue and inspire people on the way. You can share the impact created by your CSR and the developmental changes it brought.

Share stories of people who have been affected by your CSR, including stories related to employee or partner participation in CSR.

For example, organizations like Wipro are very dedicated to health care. Wipro’s work in primary health care from 6 projects across four states touches the lives of more than 70,000 people by providing regular health services. Besides this, in terms of disaster management, Wipro has helped rebuild the lives of people affected by Karnataka Floods, Bihar Floods, Odisha Floods, the Japan Tsunami, Hurricane Sandy, and Philippines Cyclone.

Such stories will enhance your corporate reputation as well as connect people to your organization personally.

Practice Positivity and Gratitude

If an organization remains consistent with its social improvements and shares it, it can avail long term benefits with Updeed. For instance, if you are the first mover for a social cause, you can join more people in the movement and become part of a bigger positive social change. Such campaigns can make your organization known across the globe for its initiative.

For example, a few years ago, Cadbury Dairy Milk launched it’s Purple Heart’ campaign which aimed towards standing against Cyber Bullying. The campaign gained support from a huge audience and was applauded by many for its initiative.

Appreciate good things

Just like an organization, there are many individuals who are working with a vision to make this world a better place. But neither gets appropriately acknowledged for their good deeds. Updeed has numerous features for your organization’s courteous gestures to be appreciated by people. You can reciprocate this by using the ‘nominate’ feature to uplift and applaud change makers.

Go ahead and share the employee engagement of your social initiatives!

Inspire People

It is said, “One individual cannot possibly make a difference, alone. It is individual efforts, collectively, that make a difference- all the difference in the world.”

Regardless of your reach as an organization, bringing more people in for a positive movement can act as a catalyst.

Networking sites are driven by “trends”. You can mold it for yourself and inspire people with your actions. For instance, if you’re starting a new campaign. start your own hashtag. Let the people become part of it and increase the impact.

To join the trend, people might start doing what the trend suggests. If the organization is starting a mass level tree plantation, #plantatree can become a hashtag, a trend that people can use to plant a tree and post about it on social platforms.

This way, throughout the journey, you are creating a positive impact around you and influencing others.

Everything Has A Good Side

Every positive change counts, regardless of what scale it is on. These changes show the values that your organization works on. And eventually, people connect themselves with the organization’s values.

For example, if you gave employment to people who are from the underdeveloped sections of the society, you have given them a source of living. It’s an appreciable change that you can share.

People associate themselves more with the message of an organization and its contribution to society.

Increase Employer Branding

Employees are one of the most important assets of an organization. By sharing stories related to good memories with your employees or their contributions, an organization can build a positive reputation in front of the job seekers, current and past employees.

For example, if you have helped your employee(s) financially or non-financially by going out of the way, you can share this positive story on Updeed. When the audience, including your prospective job-seekers, comes across such posts, it’ll create an enhanced image of your work ethics and work environment.

In fact, such positive implementations may also influence and inspire other organizations to inculcate similar healthy practices,, which bring us to the next benefit of Updeed for an organization.

Watch What Other Organizations Are Doing

Steve Jobs used to say, “learn continually – there’s always ‘one more thing’ to learn!”

Updeed is a networking platform for several organizations and individuals, all trying to make changes that can make life better, easier. See other people’s or organizations’ initiatives. If there’s something that your organization can become part of or execute within itself, use it.

Join Updeed to Transform Lives Today / Transform Lives with Updeed

Now that you know how beneficial Updeed is for an organization, use it for yourself. Become an inspiring and leading organization with features like rewards, gratitude wall, claps, to get appreciated and appreciate others for good deeds.

Even though there are uncountable social platforms available, Updeed is unique because it’s a networking platform where you can immediately express your emotions towards a positive gesture and appreciate them with claps, rewards, nomination, by sharing their content or by messaging and connecting with change-makers directly.

Everything has a good side to it. Every positive change is significant and appreciable. You just need to find it in your organization and share it on Updeed. People should know about such changes to get connected to you. After all, people can connect to your purpose better than anything else.

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