How to start your journey of self-love?

In today’s era of a technologically advanced world, people often get hooked on the vicious cycle of the rat race. Being busy is often considered a sign of honor or a label of self-worth.

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Lack of leisure time is directly linked to the status of a person’s importance. Excessive involvement with the outer world can negatively impact your inner self in a long run. Let’s embark on a journey of self-love and self-importance to keep us as our best selves to detoxify our mind, soul, and body.

“We are all gifted in a unique way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our special light.”

— Mary Dunbar

Why Self-Love is Important and How to Nurture it?

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We live in a world where being busy is worshiped more than being free. Therefore, the more you encourage it – the more you end up extending your study sessions, test sessions, meetings, targets, appointments, etc.

If you are unable to complete the tasks, you dedicated yourself you will find yourself feeling guilty or pissed off. The practice of self-love can gradually incorporate the positivity around you and help you to feel optimistic through a consistent act of self-care. For many people, these concepts can be new.

We are often taught that grading our needs is selfish, we should focus our energies on others. But practicing self-love doesn’t make you a narcissist, it’s just a way to support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.

A 4-step way to cultivate and initiate the journey of self-love:
  • Take good care of yourself: Don’t ever compromise on your basic needs. People who practice self-love nurture themselves daily with basic activities. Like – exercising, intimacy, good sleep, and maintaining a healthy social life.
  • Set boundaries: You will eventually admire yourself more when you set some particular boundary limits to work, love, or activities that drain you physically or mentally. Click here to plan this year’s goal more efficiently.
  • Protect yourself: Accompany the right person into your life. Eliminate all negative influences. Life is too small to focus on something that doesn’t want you to succeed.
  • Live with a resolution: Always try to live with a purpose even if it is unclear. As if you have a purpose, you will take decisions that will support your intention. You will love yourself more if you see yourself achieving what you set.

Importance of making time out for yourself:

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When you are overwhelmed with the hurdles of your daily life because if you feel powerless or feel like you have no control over your time. It’s time to give yourself a break. Even spending a few. Let’s talk about the benefits we can have if we spend some time on ourselves:

  • Spark your creativity: Taking a break for yourself can help to activate your creative prowess. Research shows that a bit of solitude helps to restructure your creative mind and yield new ideas to work with. This can also be very useful if you are facing any dead-end situation in your professional career.
  • Enhance your self-esteem: You can heighten your self-esteem by choosing some time alone and focusing on personal reflection and goal setting. Click here for more tips for boosting your positivity.
  • Emotional intelligence: Increase your emotional intelligence by reviewing your emotional status by taking some time out. It will help you to become more self-aware of your emotions. It will also help you to face any complex situation in a more mature way. Focusing on your self-love journey can be extremely beneficial for your mental wellbeing.

Let’s discuss some basic steps to start the journey of self-love and me-time:

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  • Nourish your body and soul: Since you are a newbie in the practice of self-love, start nourishing your body first. Nurturing your body is the most elementary form of self-love, feed in what you love and lay the foundations of self-love.  
  • Take yourself out for a date: Solo dating is a very healthy practice of spending some quality time with ourselves. It is one of the most expressions of love, that you can gift yourself. Treat yourself to a small bike ride or a coffee shop visit or take yourself out for a weekend session of spa or book reading.  
  • Make your body happy: The way we feel about our body directly reflects the way we feel about ourselves. Feelings of isolation or lack of love often come out of our disaffection with our bodies. You can start the transformation by joining any yoga classes or going for a jog daily. It’s important to keep that beautiful body of yours filled with full of spirit and life to carry on with the journey of self-love.
  • Practice gratitude: You can drill your mind to be more positive if you practice gratitude daily. Always be thankful for the things you have or the people you are around. Certainly, find at least one thing you can thank yourself for each day and write it down in a notebook. Practicing gratitude will help you to elevate your relationship with yourself to a heightened state. Click here to know more about the benefits of gratitude.
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Take out some Personal Time from Work and Social Time:

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You are not alone if you are facing a hard time in achieving an optimal work-life balance. Let’s work on some points to improve your state: –

  • Manage your time: Don’t get distracted, just improve your efficiency level. Therefore, set your limit and don’t leave until the work is done as it will help to find some more free time for yourself.
  • Know your limits: Refrain yourself from over-scheduling. Don’t take work or a project which will disrupt your me-time.
  • Consider other options: Enquire about flex hours or job-sharing options to your employer. It will help you ease some pressure off your shoulder and will help you share responsibilities.

The journey of self-love is all about caring, sharing, and giving importance to your self-needs. Self-care and self-love need time, patience, and dedication, just like any other affinity. With UPDEED follow the journey of self-love with limitless positivity, personalized lessons, and motivational energy.

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