Spread Love Wherever You Go!

People nowadays are extremely caught up in day-to-day routines and often forget to appreciate life. In fact, forget to live the life they are constantly working for. There are a lot of adventures and experiences that you might be constantly missing out on due to your work schedule. But there are a lot of ways to appreciate yourself and others around you as well. People often tend to forget that their personal life is as important as their professional life. For that, it is how important it is to take out some time and appreciate yourself and spread love with others.

Spread love! By doing so you are not only making a difference in other’s life but making a difference in your own life as well. This shows how kind and compassionate you are as a person. Treat others around you with kindness and in return, you will be treated with kindness and respect. Treat your parents by calling them first in the morning and greeting random people in your travel, at the park, or in your gym. There are multiple ways you can make others smile.  

How difficult is it to make someone smile? 

Mother Teresa meant well when she said:

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

– Mother Teresa

You have a social responsibility toward the people and society you live in. You hold yourself with the highest stature and hence always strive to deliver and meet the expectations. When people around you come with a problem, talk to them, know what is actually bothering them. Don’t just simply spar them with a solution, sometimes just listening to the other person and then doing your best to help them will make people happy.

There are many ways in which you can spread love 

Love is among the most talked about and most desired emotions and yet it remains debatable. For some, it comes with their parents, for some with their partners, for some with their success and remains undiscovered for some. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. And there is no absolute way of describing it. And the ultimate objective of love still stands for how you spread love and make your loved ones feel.

1. Spread Love in small gestures 

You must have noticed there are days when you are low in life and feel stressed and anxious about anything and everything. And then the moment you see a smiling baby your anxiety and stress go away! It’s that baby’s smile that made a difference. It is a proven fact that a smile spurs a chemical reaction in the brain with the release of certain hormones like serotonin and dopamine: Serotonin is associated with the release of stress whereas; Dopamine boosts our feeling of happiness.

It is believed that if you start your day on a positive note by wishing each other Good morning, it simply makes us feel good. When someone smiles at you, you tend to release feel-good hormones. Start with your family, give love to your parents, your spouse, your children, your house-help, and even to your pets. With your one positive gesture in the morning, you don’t know how many lives you affect.

From wishing your newspaper guy a blessed morning to saying Thank you to the watchman of your building, these small practices and gestures can have a lasting impact on someone’s life. Your one gesture might change the way your newspaper guy would feel all day or the way he takes his further work, the way your watchman would treat his family back home after a long tiring day he spent at work.

2. Spread love in the toughest times 

Love can make people smile, change and grow in life, making it the hardest yet the most beautiful feeling. Even in the hardest of times, affection has proved effective in encouraging upheaval. The ongoing pandemic for many has changed lives in different ways. From kids to adults to senior citizens, it has been difficult for all in some way or the other. For kids that sell balloons or pens on the traffic lights, COVID-19 has changed their lives – people no more stop and buy things from them.

Instead of buying from them, you can get them eatables for nothing in return. With this small gesture, you can make their day easy. Love can have different shapes and sizes. Regardless of what you are going through in your personal life, you must make others around you smile and make your surroundings delightful and a happier place.

Share your goodness and generosity with the people around you and see how it changes everything.

3. Love is a two way street 

Love encloses the two most important states of the human brain; the emotional and the mental state. Expressing your love and telling your loved ones how you feel about them is very important. this might change the way they think about you and in turn, might change the equation of your relationship with them. Communication is the most important key to any relationship. And in this era full of technology and digitization, people are lacking humanly communications. So go home and do something for your girlfriend. Give her a bouquet of flowers and bring that smile to her face.

With most people busy with the complexities of their lives, people tend to forget how delicate their relationships are! People have lost the sense and importance of communication. Which in turn leads to loneliness and emotional breakdowns. Take them out on dinner, or maybe plan a short trip. Spread love in all possible ways. Often you realize people are lonelier on the inside. One day this could be us as well.

Always try and be there for people because you never know one day we might need them as well. Similarly one needs to be there for his/herself as well. Self love is equally important, One should treat themselves in the most possible ways. There are days when you don’t feel like going out. Treat yourself to a day off, eat your favorite food, watch your favorite movie and do what makes you happy.  You deserve all the kindness and love as well.

4. The socially anti-social media 

In the era of social media where everyone is supposed to have a big social circle online, people are most lonely on the inside. With the wide extent of cyberbullying and assault nowadays, people are humiliated now and then. You can make a difference by leaving a positive affirmation on someone’s wall. It shows how you feel about people and how you treat them.

Social media is supposed to make people socially available and active for each other. But it seems it has instead made people lonelier than ever. You can spread the love by practicing vocal communications more, than just typing messages. One should attend more community gatherings than just scrolling the explore feed on social media platforms.

Make your loved ones feel loved. Great leaders believe in-person communications leave a better impact on the listener.

“There is a temptation in our networked age to think that ideas can be developed by email and chat, and that’s crazy!”

Steve Jobs

Spread love whenever you can because a smile can mean different things to different people, it can be a sign of appreciation to someone and a symbol of empathy to others. Always be a symbol of kindness, love, and empathy to others. Love and kindness can change the way people think about themselves and can even change their school of thought.

However, the feeling of being loved and appreciated leads to better self-esteem, growth, and success. You don’t know who might be having the worst day of their life, and your smile had just saved it for them. Spread love wherever you go and be a reason people believe in God.

The journey of spreading love in and around is all about creating a better world for yourself and for those around you by simply sharing and caring. Self-care and self-love need time, patience, and dedication, just like any other affinity. With UPDEED follow the journey of spreading love in the hardest of all times with limitless positivity, personalized lessons, and motivational energy.

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